Five Terrible Tinder Cliches to Avoid


In the weird world of 21st century dating, Tinder is one of the newest trends in relationships, dates — and hookups. I can’t scroll through the app without seeing numerous photos of friends, acquaintances — and sometimes the occasional ex-boyfriend (yikes!). With so many people seeing your pic, it’s important to avoid some of the worst Tinder cliches.

We can’t include all of the worst cliches in one post, there’s just too many! So we’ll embark on the world of bad Tinder pictures together — a little at a time. Have something that really bugs you on the app? Send us an email at and we’ll include it in our next post!

1. The Tinder Tiger



We get it, you’ve been to Asia! Your photo is not only a poor attempt at bragging, we also know animal rights aren’t a priority for you. Step away from the drugged tiger and post a travel photo that shows who you really are!

2. The “I Workout” Photo 



Ok, so you go to the gym. How old is that photo anyways? Was it before you gained 10 pounds at Thanksgiving? Don’t put that you’re a “non-douche” in your about me when your photo says differently!

3. The Group Photo 



Oh, the group photo. You surround yourself with people more attractive than yourself in hopes the poor soul looking at your profile will swipe right. Stick to photos of you — not your (hammered) hot friends.

4. The Myspace Photo



If Justin Timberlake couldn’t bring back Myspace — you certainly won’t either. Step away from the mirror and put your phone down, young lady (or man)!

5. The Photo With Your Dog Who is Obviously Cuter Than You





Using your pet to lure the opposite sex is downright cruel! We won’t swipe right over a cute Jack Russell or American bulldog puppy so stop trying!

(All photos were taken from Tinder. Faces and names have been blurred and/or removed to protect the innocent — and the not-so-innocent.)


8 thoughts on “Five Terrible Tinder Cliches to Avoid

  1. Tulio

    6) Women, quick wearing fake mustaches, or drawing them on your finger and holding it up to your nose. It’s very, very lame at this point.

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