The Dating Distraction


This true story comes from reader, Lyric, who, like many of us, has visited the past a time or two more than she would like to recall.

We all knew that person in high school that we were intrigued by or had a slight interest in. Let’s call my high school intrigue Nick. I had the (not-so-great) pleasure of seeing Nick one day years later and learning what might have been…

Years after high school graduation, Nick approached me at a coffee shop. I was recovering from a recent breakup and Nick was a nice distraction from the heartache…so I let him join me.

I began to remember a rumor that circulated around school about him being interested in me, despite him never making a move. During our coffee chat, I began to realize he probably had once had feelings for me. He even asked if I’d be interested in going out with him sometime (Lyric – 1, Nick – 0).

Although I was slightly interested, my heart was still recovering from a text break up that had just happened the week prior! (Yes, I said text breakup! The text read, “Sorry, I’m not in love with you anymore.” Douchebag.)

Nick was sympathetic about my recent romantic fail, but asked if he could at least take me out for coffee — “just to talk.” (P.S. – no guy ever just “wants to talk”)

My walls wore down and I accepted his offer. A few days later, I did what all girls do; made sure I looked absolutely awesome, even though this was a completely casual setting (and I didn’t necessarily think Nick was worth it).

It worked. That evening, his first comment was that I looked beautiful (Lyric – 2, Nick – 0). He even admitted he had been infatuated with me in high school, but was too much of a chicken **** to do anything about it.

Nick admitted that the years had changed him. He was no longer shy and boy, he wasn’t kidding! During our coffee “date,” Nick received text after text. Little did I know, Nick was already dating someone! (I guess one woman just wasn’t enough for Nick. Play on, playa.)

As I mentioned, I wanted a distraction from my previous dating disaster. I so badly wanted a distraction that I kept taking Nick’s calls, texts and eventually — his kisses. Not long after, I stopped being physical with him right away, but the “emotional booty calls” continued for several months!

Needless to say, Nick is a part of my past that I will not be revisiting for a THIRD time. I encourage all of you, women or men, to respect yourself enough to never settle for being second best and to always leave your past in the past — where it belongs.

Lots of love,


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