5 Sober St. Patrick’s Day Date Ideas


Not everyone wants to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green beer. If you’re someone with a date this St. Patrick’s Day and you want to skip the booze, try one of these unconventional date ideas for a Sober St. Patty’s Day.

1. Call your favorite Irish pub for food — to go

Why sit around a bunch of drunks if you’re wanting to pass on the beer this St. Patty’s Day? Call an Irish pub and place a to go order. Enjoy your favorite Sheperd’s Pie at home — away from the delusional drunks.

2. Rent an Irish movie.

Visit your local Redbox or rent a movie from iTunes to commemorate the Irish holiday. Check out Amy Adams in “Leap Year” or the 1998 comedy “Waking Ned Divine” to feel a little festive. In the mood for a heartwarming (albeit heartbreaking) flick? Rent “P.S. I Love You” and get cozy on a couch together. My personal Irish favorite? “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell is a great one to rent for your fill of Irish accents.

3. Watch a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Most cities have their very own St. Patrick’s Day parades — put on your best green shirt and hit the town with your significant other. Most parades are family-friendly, but you may get your fair share of drunks so remember to be patient and consider propping yourself up next to a family of four.

4. Go bowling.

Maybe bowling isn’t your traditional St. Patrick’s Day event, but it’s still fun! Take your guy (or gal) to your local bowling alley — wear green and vow to only use the green balls (even if they’re a little heavy!).

5. Cook a green feast.

What’s sweeter than cooking together? Nothing! Aim for something traditionally Irish or fill your kitchen with all your favorite green foods – asparagus, broccoli, peppers. Buy some green food coloring and make anything green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Down 2 Date! And if you go on an awesome (or awesomely bad) date don’t forget to email your dating stories to down2datemail@gmail.com. We’ll always keep it anonymous. Happy dating!

(Photo Credit: Cobalt123, Flickr)


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