The Crazy Cat Lady


This true story comes from reader, Adam, who has one story you won’t believe. It’s a true Tinder Tragedy that involves a cat lady who can’t hide her crazy.

Similar to Searching Stella’s Tinder Tragedy, mine started well. We had a lot in common. We chatted a lot and she generally seemed like a great person — with good looks to boot.

On our first date, we went to my favorite restaurant and had a couple of drinks. The conversation flowed smoothly (but she did seem to talk about her cat a lot) and at the end of the night I went in for our very first kiss. Sparks flew and I couldn’t wait to see The Crazy Cat Lady again!

For our second date, we decided to rent a movie and have a few drinks at her place. Her townhouse was nice and tidy but I could smell the cat odor coming from the laundry room (I’m more of a dog person, anyway). We were halfway through the movie when The CCL asked if I wanted to take a shot.

Sure? Why not? … I guess.

One shot led to two shots led to six…for her. The CCL may be an alcoholic! I put my glass of wine down to maintain sobriety, I didn’t want to be put in an awkward situation with a woman I barely knew.

Did I mention The CCL is a divorcee? Well, her ex-husband came into play after two bottles of wine and multiple shots of Fireball. That was when her brilliant ideas started…

“Why don’t I call Ty?”

Um…wait. You want to call your ex-husband while on our second date?

“I want him to come over and meet you! Maybe having you here will make him jealous.”

I didn’t even have time to gather my thoughts before she excused herself to use the restroom — and by restroom I mean the litter box. She literally excused herself to use the LITTER BOX in the LAUNDRY ROOM (No wonder it smelled so bad — a combination of human and cat feces. Gross).

When I realized exactly what was going on, I slipped out the front door andĀ ranĀ to my car and never looked back. I got on my iPhone and blocked her number so I would never ever have to worry about The Crazy Cat Lady ever again. This is my most memorable date — ever. Too bad it was a Tinder Tragedy.

Adam (AKA Scared of Cats — and women)

(Dame Dessa here — I’d call this THE Tinder Tragedy not a Tinder Tragedy. Think yours beats The Crazy Cat Lady? Email us at and we’ll feature you in an upcoming blog.)


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