Tinder Photo Don’ts for Dudes


Looking to find love on Tinder? Well, here at Down 2 Date it’s Tinder Tuesday and we want to help you dudes from making some very common photo mistakes! 

1. The Group Photo



Much like we said in our Tinder cliche post, DO NOT make your first photo a group photo — unless you actually are the ugly one.

2. The Photo With Your Ex (or Current) Girlfriend



Do we really need to tell you that this isn’t ok? If every photo is you and some brunette, we are going to assume you are off the market — and kind of a sleaze ball.

3. The Headless Man Photo



Are your friends just really bad photographers or is this a selfie gone wrong? Either way, we want to see your face — not your stomach or your abs. We want to know we’re not dealing with an acne-faced 13-year-old.

4. The Photo With Random Kids



Who are these kids? Are they yours? Did you borrow them for a photo? Are they long lost cousins? Are they stolen from the adoption agency? Unless you specify in your “about me” that you’re a single dad — or that they’re your sisters kids, we’ll never know.

5. The Modeling Photo



Anyone can look their best when the photos are professional. This just tells us you’re either an (unsuccessful) actor or trying to make it in the music biz (with your looks and not your songs). Put photos up that show you the real you, not the photoshopped version of you.

6. The Drunk Photo



We get it, you like to have fun but when your very first photo is of you chugging a massive beer or taking a shot of Fireball, we know you’re not looking for “the one.” Try inserting photos of you doing some of your other interests. We hope you have them.

7. The Baby Pic



Although we’re sure you were an adorable baby, we also really just don’t care. What you looked like at 18 months old doesn’t tell us what you look like at 30, so save those for when we meet your mom.

So guys, what are some of your Tinder photo pet peeves for ladies? We want to hear from you! Tweet us (@down2date) or send us an email down2datemail@gmail.com.

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(All photos were taken from Tinder. Faces and names have been blurred and/or removed to protect the innocent — and the not-so-innocent.)


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