Dating App Review – Tinder


A great review of the Tinder App from Miss Twenty-Nine! What do y’all think? Did she get it right?

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Regular readers will know I’ve been a big fan of Tinder since it first launched in England last year, and that the vast majority of my ‘online’ dates have been secured thanks to the app.

As part of my Dating Website and App reviews, I thought I’d kick off with another nice easy one which I know well! So here are my pros and cons of Tinder (a name, which I love by the way.  So subtle and ambiguous that no one minds chatting about it any time, any place!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Number of Options – 10/10

It feels like every man and his dog is on Tinder! (or should I say every man and his tiger!)  From some of the profile pictures, it also appears not all the options are single!  I’ve seen far too many photos of wedded bliss on Tinder profiles.

All jokes aside, it’s quite…

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