The Musician Mix-Up


Our awesome reader, Lyric, decided to send us another true story about her dating life. With her first post she learned why it’s important to keep the past in the past — and in this story she learns why not to mix musicians.

I met Mike online — and things seemed great to begin with. He was a musician, (and boy am I a sucker for a musician), kind and easygoing — all of which are qualities I look for in a man. Oh, did I mention he was also a STUD?!

Our first date wasn’t the romantic birds chirping, star gazing, fireworks flying meet-up I had hoped for. Instead we simply got to know each other, although, I must say, after a couple hours I still felt like I didn’t know much about him nor he, me.

Mike the Musician and I kept chatting and one day over the phone he asked me out again — for a Friday night. I told him that unfortunately I would be checking out another musician performing at my favorite coffee shop. Mike was immediately disappointed so I hurriedly (and stupidly) made a decision I would ultimately regret.

Now, what complicates matters is I was ALSO interested in the musician I was going to see — lets call him Greg. And by interested, I mean I’m totally head-over-heels in love with Greg and always have been. So why would I invite Mike the Musician to come with me to see Greg the Guitarist? Who knows?!

During the show, Greg sang two songs that were dedicated to me. Talk about flattery — and awkwardness! I was sitting next to Mike the Musician as Greg the Guitarist sang two very love-filled tunes about yours truly. 

This was absolutely one of the most awkward moments I have ever endured. You see, trying to hide your excitement while trying to look appreciative but not too appreciative of Greg’s romantic gesture was not as easy as it may seem!

Fast forward to the end of the night…I dropped Jeff off and we kissed. Although I enjoyed it, my thoughts were definitely with the great guitar player. I pulled away and he smiled at me as he asked…

“Does this mean we’re together?”

Woah, hold up buddy! This was only our second date — and now I have an equally attractive, albeit more sweet, man vying for my affection — what makes you think I’m now yours?

It took everything in me not to look at him like a crazy person but a laugh did escape. I said “No, let’s just take it slow…”

Mike didn’t get the hint despite my honesty. He continued to try and persuade me to go out with him, even after I was brutally honest and told him it just wasn’t in the cards for us. Months later he was still texting me — one day was when I was at a movie (with my mom). When Mike asked me who I was with, I contemplated for a moment and finally typed back, ‘Greg.’ Apparently that’s all it took and I never heard from him again! I did, however, catch him on another dating sight. Good luck to you, Mike! Happy stalking! 

Lots of love,

(Photo Credit: MomentsCaptured1, Flickr)


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