The Millionaire Match


This true tale comes from one of our readers, Wanda, and she had an interesting encounter with a Millionaire Matchmaker who treats his women more like business transactions than dates.

Matt and I met through mutual friends and I knew when we met that he had a ridiculous amount of money. Not the kind of money where you have multiple cars and a decent house but the kind of money where he gets original one-of-a-kind bottles of wine shipped to him, he travels on private jets and he owns multiple mansions — in multiple states.

Matt didn’t hide the fact that he was one of Patti Stanger’s projects on Millionaire Matchmaker — and it wasn’t a turn off to me at all. I respect what Stanger does with men and her “rules” of dating (especially the three month no sex rule). I was dating him with hopes that he had learned a thing or two from the Bravo dating show. I immediately realized even Stanger couldn’t help guy.

He made it quite clear before dates that he wanted me to wear something short that would show off my body — tight minidresses were his favorite. Since he was taking me to places I could never afford on my own and we were sitting in VIP seating, I obliged and would humor the millionaire.

This went on for a few months. We would go on dates whenever he was in town and they were ALWAYS fancy. One night he had VIP tickets for a Justin Timberlake concert that had sold out in minutes. When Matt asked me to wear my shortest, tightest, most low cut dress I said OK (anything for JT tickets). Afterwards, we went back to one of his many mansions and Matt began to push himself on me. We started to kiss and when he tried to put his hand up my shirt I pushed it away. I was barely interested in him and was NOT one of his business deals.

Well, Matt wouldn’t take no for an answer. He persisted and persisted and persisted until he was in his boxers and we were making out (mind you, I was fully clothed). Matt started rubbing his pelvic area up and down on my body — over and over and over again. I bet you can guess what happened next, I’ll spare you from the dirty deets. Lets just say Matt’s boxers weren’t clean and I felt like a 16-year-old girl.

Matt and I didn’t speak for months after that but my interest peaked one day when I saw something he posted on Facebook. I was going over to my best friend’s house that night for a girls night (with wine, of course) and we decided to find the old episode of his Millionaire Matchmaker. We sat through the entire painful episode and watched Stanger give Matt lectures on treating woman like they were his “job” and not respecting them — it was horrifying to see this on national TV. Matt had also treated me this way!

Six months passed and I barely thought of Matt until one day he called me out of the blue.

“I’m coming to town and I’d like to take you out tonight.”

I didn’t immediately say yes but it’s also hard for me to turn down being wined and dined so eventually I agreed.

“I’m staying at the Four Seasons. Just pack a bag and come over after work. You can get ready here.”

I told him I needed a shower and it was just easier to get ready at home but again, Matt wasn’t taking no for an answer. He pushed and pushed and pushed the issue. Finally, he agreed to “let” me get ready at my own house but when we discussed me staying the night he became pushy — again.

“Look, Matt, I’m just going to go home after dinner. It’s easier and closer to my work, I hope you understand.”

(I didn’t want another dirty boxer ordeal like last time.)

Matt hung up on me and never spoke to me again. I guess it was OK to take me to dinner — IF he was getting what he wanted the whole time. I learned a lot from my Millionaire Match and respect myself a lot more than I ever have. No man will ever treat me like I’m his job again — and I’m humiliated I let it happen so many times just for a good meal. If you get anything from this post, I hope you know that a man (or woman) should respect you enough to hear the word “no.”


(Do you have a dating story? We’d love to hear from you! Send your stories to and we’ll include you in an upcoming blog. As always, you’ll be anonymous!)

(Photo Credit: Bravo)


5 thoughts on “The Millionaire Match

  1. I’m a big fan of Millionaire Matchmaker, but there are very few men on there that I would date. They need a lot of work. As this post proves, money isn’t everything!

    • Amen, Kathleen! Money is not a quality I look for in a man. Hopefully, Wanda has learned her lesson so she can find a guy who treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

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