10 Spring Date Ideas


Spring is in the air (unless it’s snowing in your city like it is here!). Regardless, the weather is going to start warming up soon and we want to help you come up with date ideas that will help you make the most of the beautiful weather!

1. A picnic

There is nothing quite like a picnic on a beautiful spring day. Pack your favorite foods and have your date do the same — you’ll learn a little something about them through what they bring. Pack a bottle of wine and some plastic glasses and you’ll have a perfect picnic date (unless your date is a dud, then at least you’ll have wine)!

2. Spend an afternoon at the zoo

Zoos are fun for all ages — especially when the weather is nice. Go for a walk through the park and stop to check out your favorite animals along the way. See a park bench nearby? Stop and chat while you listen to the sweet sounds of the chirping birds.

3. Play in the park

Do you have a favorite park in your area? We bet your date might, too! Pack some comfy walking shoes and go become one with nature — and your date. The best part about parks? They’re free!

4. Visit your favorite patio for a drink or dinner

Some of my favorite restaurants in town have huge, gorgeous patios that are perfect for having dinner (or drinks outside). If it’s an extra gorgeous day, try and see about reservations so you can make sure you get that nice table outside in the sunshine.

5. Go to a baseball game

Tis the season! Baseball season is almost upon us and what better way to enjoy the spring weather than a baseball game outdoors? The games are fun, the crowds are big and the beer is cold! Play ball!

6. Have fun at a festival

When the weather gets warm, festival season kicks off. Carnivals, music festivals, beer festivals and more are in town for the spring weather and you and your date can pretend you’re kids again while riding on a ferris wheel or pigging out on your favorite foods.

7. Visit a vineyard

It’s no surprise that I LOVE WINE. We have a gorgeous vineyard in town and it is the perfect spot for a date. Have a quick tasting before purchasing your bottle. Don’t forget the cheese!

8. Exercise outside

Grab a rent-a-bike and go for a tour of town, or put on your running shoes and jog through the park together. It’s a fun, and healthy, way to get your endorphins up and keep you (and your date) looking fab while having fun.

9. Check out your local farmers market

Farmers markets are a great way to spend some time. They usually have amazing food and local handicrafts — and it’s a great way to support your local economy. If you’re having a really great time, suggest cooking together with your locally grown fruits and veggies.

10. Volunteer together

Doing something good can make you feel great any time of year — and doing it with someone special will only help you two become closer. Hit your local animal shelter or food shelter and give back for an afternoon. You’ll be glad you did.

What are some of your favorite spring date ideas? Comment below and let us know if we missed one! 


4 thoughts on “10 Spring Date Ideas

  1. I love the 1, 9, and 10 the most! My sister would love the going to the baseball game, but only if that person liked the same team as her. That’s the only thing! I actually have “go on a date to the zoo” on my bucket list. Is that weird? Lol! And nine and ten are just too cute not to do, and you can learn a lot about each other while you’re doing both of those! Nice! 🙂

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