The Jealous Joey


Last weekend, I met three different guys from Tinder. Big weekend for me! One of the guys seemed super nice and we’d been trying to meet up for a couple of days before it actually happened. Within minutes of meeting, Joey became jealous — and rude.

Joey and I met at a local bar and we both had friends along. At first things were going really well (isn’t that the case for every Tinder-ship?) aside from the fact that he was a little short and rat-like. (Sidenote: I’m dealing with my shallowness and so I thought I’d give this seemingly nice guy a shot. Big mistake.)

I had previously been at a concert with my best friend and she was feeling pretty good after several vodka sodas. Although I was drinking, I was pacing myself and playing Mama Bear to my girl. He immediately became judgmental of my best friend (mind you, she was coherent, not making a fool of herself and at just generally having a good time).

Apparently Joey hates fun. RED FLAG!

Joey went to the bar to get himself (and me) a drink and as he left, a group of guys approached me. They were a silly rock band that was just looking to make friends. One of the guys challenged me to a dance off.

How could I say no?

He busted out the sprinkler to which I brought out my shopping cart. This continued for a few minutes and we even got a few other random people involved and improving on our dance moves.

Joey came back and was not happy, despite me making my best efforts to introduce him to the band (who were well-receiving and understanding that I had been talking to this guy).

He stood in front of the guys so I could no longer talk to them (I could still see them over his head though…he was that short). I continued our conversation until the guys came back for dance off round 2.

When I joined in, Joey grabbed me by the arm (ok, first of all do not touch me) and yelled at me…


Ok, rude. Not one of them had hit on me, been too forward with me or been disrespectful to Joey. I excused myself to maintain my composure and not yell at this guy in a crowded bar.

FierceGifs, Tumblr

FierceGifs, Tumblr

I got a drink and my phone rang. It was the Tinder guy I had met earlier that night (more on him later…), asking if he could join me where I was. Well, I was infuriated so I made a not-so-nice decision. I told him he could come.

Then I completely ignored Matt for the rest of the night. Not my kindest move, but frankly, I didn’t care. Jealousy is a huge red flag for me — combine that with yelling and grabbing. No, thank you.

I didn’t really learn a lesson here but I hope that next time, I’ll deal with it in a nicer manner. Sorry, Jealous Joey.

Dame Dessa

(Credit: San Diego Shooter, Flickr)


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