The Delightful Drinking Date


Every once in a while, during a slew of bad dates and Tinder Tragedies, someone comes along and provides you at least one night of great fun. Finally, that happened to me this weekend.

I’ve been getting a lot more brave about meeting online dates. I started chatting with this one guy late last week, lets call him Aaron. Well, Aaron and I immediately hit it off. He was silly and goofy and just what I like. Our sense of humors matched perfectly.

After we chatted for a few hours, he asked for my number (maybe not as long as Searching Stella’s Tinder Timeline suggests but it felt comfortable so I went with it).

“At what point in a Tinder-ship is it appropriate to ask for a phone number?”

With an adorable line like that, I couldn’t say no. I gave in and we started texting briefly that night. We discussed all the normal things — work, play, sports, etc. This was a Thursday evening. By Friday, he was checking in to see how my day was and we were sharing funny Tinder stories.

Later that afternoon, he did the most adorable thing (gosh, I’m a sucker). He asked me out. Not in a creepy ‘I’m trying to rush this way’ but more of an ‘I’m kind of nervous and don’t know how to ask this so I’m just going for it’ way.

“Oh geez who am I kidding. In a roundabout way I’m trying to feel the situation out and see if you’d want to grab a drink haha. I’ve got no plans either and don’t intend on being out long at all but thought maybe a drink would be fun.”

I’m a wuss, we’ve discussed this. I NEVER meet guys at their homes (don’t do it ladies) and I usually only meet them when I’m out with friends. This time, I decided to go out on a limb and meet him for a drink — in a crowded bar.

I got to the bar early (and he was a bit late) so I propped myself up with a giant beer on a barstool and waited. And waited. I was beyond nervous — what if he was ugly? What if he was a total bore?

A few minutes later, I was tapped on the back and Aaron had arrived. He ordered a drink and excused himself to the bathroom. I immediately texted Searching Stella…

“He’s cute!”

Win. We sat at the bar chatting for an hour or so before some of my friends showed up. We moved to a table and enjoyed a few hours with my friends. He was social, funny and impressing my friends (this is a big win for me). We overall had an amazing time. In his words…”super awesome.”

Although we originally both mentioned being in early and not staying out long, we were having too much fun to say goodbye. We went to my favorite string of bars in town and danced the night away — until 3 am. We had an absolute blast! No jealousy, no awkwardness, just fun!

He drove me home and went in for the sweet first kiss (also note he didn’t try to drunkenly make out with me in a bar. Another win.) and maybe a little hand hold. Finally, I have had one decent Tinder experience.

Who knows where it will go — if anywhere — but it was so much fun that I don’t mind. We’ve still been talking ever since and who knows…maybe there will be a part 2 to this story.

Happy dating!

Dame Dessa


7 thoughts on “The Delightful Drinking Date

  1. Love this! Had a nearly identical experience, except I spilled beer all over him and he was a total doll about it. Still friends/dating-ish/”it’s complicated” 10 months later 🙂 Never can tell where these things are going to go…

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