The Midnight Wood


This inappropriate Facebook stalker story was told to me by a close friend (we’ll call her A) and it takes creepy to a whole new meaning.

A started getting really disturbing Facebook messages from this random guy who had started to stalk (literally stalk) her photos. He would go through her photos and send them back to her in a message with various perverse comments. “Live it up…you have a nice pair of ****,” was my personal favorite. He’d then continue describing his “midnight wood” to her.

Fierce Gifs, Tumblr

Fierce Gifs, Tumblr

Let’s be perfectly honest here. She may have a nice rack but she doesn’t need you ogling her perfectly normal photos. Aren’t there pornstars for that?

Anyways…A had eventually had enough. Even nice girls get fed up with creeps.

“Creeeeeeeeepy,” she said to him. His response was epic.

“Just staying true to form…And of course now I have a bad case of midnight wood because I was trying to be a smart ass and find some outrageous cleavage pic to say that to. My plan has ultimately backfired.”

He followed that with a picture of his d*ck. Ew.

Although I didn’t see the picture first hand, A describe it to me as “grody,” “disgusting” and made her “want to cry.” I requested to never see the photo for fear of it making me want to become a nun and swear off men all together.

What’s the most inappropriate thing someone has sent you online?! Leave us a comment and let us know!

Dame Dessa

(Featured Photo Credit: tupensaispechosurtinder, Tumblr)


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