Dating Faux Pas


The following list comes from a place of deep frustration in relation to the dating world. This list is mutually exclusive including mistakes both males and females make in the beginning, middle and end of a relationship. Let’s start with the easy ones first.

1. Don’t lose your friends during “the honeymoon.” The honeymoon phase is probably both my least and most favorite part of the dating ritual. I love the butterflies, the newness of it all, the potential you see in each other…all that lovey dovey crap. I just love, for lack of a better word, it. Please remember, dear friends, there are other people in your life that get neglected while you’re honeymooning with your new love interest. Don’t be that male, or female, that tosses their friends to the side when something shiny comes along. Who else is going to be there if/when it doesn’t work out?

2. Spare me all the intimate details of all the cute things he/she is doing, especially if I’m single. I’m happy for you kind of I really am, I just don’t want to compare the lack of aw-inducing things in my life to your abundance of them.

3. I also don’t want to know about all of the horrible fights either. This makes it extremely difficult for us to all hang out in a group. Keep it to yourselves, people. And that brings me to my next point…

4. DO NOT air your dirty laundry on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever social media outlet you have because I promise you it will come back to haunt you. And nobody really cares. Anybody that would need to know is only a phone call away but think about point #3 before picking up that phone.

5. Speaking of social media… I also can’t stand kissy pictures. I think they’re gross and I don’t want to see you playing tonsil hockey on my news feed. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, “ew!

I could literally go on for days but I’ll keep this short (and not so) sweet. Happy dating!

-Searching Stella


6 thoughts on “Dating Faux Pas

  1. That first one is SOOOOO true! I think about all of my friendships have been ruined because they’re in relationships. A lot of them have kids but I can’t get mad at them about that. It’s “the honeymoon” phase that is the worst thing ever.

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