The Art of the Sext Message


If you’re going to sext, be smart about it! Check out these sexting tips from Miss Twenty-Nine.

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Dating in 2014 is very different to the world of courtship our parents understood.

With relaxed social morals and enhanced technology, it’s a very different era of dating.

This isn’t without its benefits. The internet literally allows you to cast a world wide web in your hunt for the ideal partner, though as we’ve discussed before on the blog, sometimes you really can have too many options. The developments of Skype, Facetime, Instant Messaging, Picture Messages and Video phones have revolutionalised long distance relationships. And departures from traditional courtship rites have seen women empowered in a world where relationships have become true equal partnerships.

However, with a relaxation of morals, comes a whole variety of socially acceptable relationship options. As I discussed in my review of the free dating website Plenty of Fish, singletons can openly advertise that they aren’t looking for anything serious. People post body shots on…

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