How to Properly Begin a Tinder-ship


It’s going down…we’re yellin’ Tinder. The 18-month-old app may still be up-and-coming but it’s quickly taking the online dating world by storm (as Searching Stella & I can tell you firsthand). Since the app takes your Facebook profile and connects you with potential matches that way, it’s best to try and behave while perusing potential partners — especially if you have friends in common. Follow these easy steps and Tinder with care.

1. Sign up! 

Well, this is the easy part. You spend just a few minutes signing up through your Facebook profile and bam! you’re ready to “meet” your fellow Tinder-ers. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, you only have to spend two minutes setting up your profile. On the other hand, no one spends longer than two minutes setting up their profile. Compatibility goes out the window on Tinder — shallowness takes over.

Don’t forget some of our Tinder Photo Cliches that you should definitely avoid and some Tinder Photo Don’ts just for you dudes! Try and pick the best photos of you and ones that are accurate of what you look like today. Don’t put the photo of you 15 pounds ago, that’s just wrong!

Also, you’ll want to pay close attention to your match preferences in the Tinder settings. You can pick the sex (or sexes) you’re interested in, ages you’d like to be matched with and how far you’d like your range to extend. We suggest 50 miles to begin with — you probably don’t want to drive over an hour to meet your match.

2. Start swiping!

Let the games begin. Tinder has now started searching for Tinder users in your area that match your preferences. Like what you see? Press that little heart down there at the bottom or swipe left. Don’t like the gap-toothed girl on your screen? Hit the ‘X’ or swipe left. Beware: if you’re a swiper, you may get a little swipe happy and swipe ‘yes’ on a dude that’s only looking for a threesome — or say no to the girl with killer abs. Swipe with caution.

3. “Congratulations! You have a new match!”

Yay! Your first match. Now what? Now you have the opportunity to start chatting with your next potential Tinder-ship…or you can keep on playing. If you’re looking to start a convo with your match we advise you to NOT be a creep. It’s really easy to say the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re behind an iPhone, but don’t. Use your best judgement and PLEASE avoid these awful icebreakers that people have actually used.

And don’t start a conversation by asking your match to meet you immediately. Get to know them first, chat a little and read Searching Stella’s Tinder Timeline to help you gauge how long before asking your match for their digits.

4. Keeping Playing!

Don’t forget that, above all else, Tinder is a game. And it’s meant to be fun. Don’t get a response from the future Ms. Right? Don’t sweat it. Move on to the next. There are plenty of Tinder fish in the sea.







5. Meet Your Match? 

This is the most nerve-wrecking part of a Tinder-ship. Did you ask your match to meet you one-on-one? Great! Did they say yes? Even better! Put on your best heels, do your makeup and wear your best smile on your first Tinder date. Check out some of our Tinder Tragedies and avoid some dating don’ts while you’re searching for your first Tinder-ship.

Your date didn’t go well? No worries! Share your story with us (anonymously) and be featured on the blog — let others know what NOT to do on a Tinder date. Email us

Dame Dessa


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