George Strait’s Top 5 Love Songs


In the wake of George Strait’s win for the 2014 ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year, we decided to compile the country legend’s best love songs. If you’re feeling frisky, put these on and really get in the mood. 

“I Cross My Heart”

“Our love is unconditional, we knew it from the start,” starts this sweet Strait song. How could not want to fall in love slow dancing to this popular song? It’s become a wedding staple since it’s release and it’s easy to see why.


The King of Country Music has many a love song — and many a heartbreak song — but this one tops the chart. The song focuses on one of life’s most important things — one “true” love.

“Blue Clear Sky”

This love song was inspired by the classic comedy “Forrest Gump.” In the movie, Gump mixes up his words and says his love fell out of the “blue clear sky.” We all want that one love that comes in the midst of heartache when we’re ready to give up “on that little lie they call love” and in this song, George’s found it.

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

Long distances relationships are hard work. Traveling through the majority of a relationship is just as hard. In this song, George sings about wanting to get back to the woman of his dreams while he’s traveling — all the while carrying her love with him.

“Check Yes Or No”

This song really brings you back to kindergarten crushes. The 1987 classic is one of George’s best feel-good love songs.

What are your favorite George Strait love songs? Comment below and let us know! 

(Photo Credit: subcmdr, Flickr)


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