The Kik Kutie


Some guys aren’t on Tinder for sex…but then again, some are. We encountered a Tinder user that found a girl who was more interested in sex than he was.

I’m Billy the banker and I’m not your average guy. I take things slowly — very slowly — especially when it comes to women. I have a hard time meeting women, between my relatively boring job and my distance outside of the city,┬áso I decided to join Tinder.

After joining and creating my profile, I got bored. I swiped left (and right) on several girls but was bored. I’d never find my soulmate on Tinder…right? So, I deleted the app without realizing that this would not delete my account.

One random Thursday during work (after a very boring “painting” date gone dull) I was bored and decided to re-download the dating app. My profile was intact and I had many, many matches. Now this was fun!

One of my matches took the first step and sent me a message. After we chatted for an hour, she messaged me with a line about how terrible Tinder was.

“This app sucks. Lets talk on Kik.”

I’d never heard of Kik before but after looking it up, I downloaded the app and started to chat with the Kik Kutie on there. It didn’t take long before she jumped right in to the sexual stuff.

“I’m going to change clothes. Do you want to watch?”

Then came the link to her cam…

No matter how cute she was, the southern gentleman in me would not allow me to watch this poor, pitiful girl get naked online. Saying nothing, I closed out of the app, deleted it and blocked her on Tinder.

Sorry, ladies. I don’t want to see you naked after an hour of talking on Tinder.

Billy the Banker


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