The Delightful Drinking Date Pt. 2


Last week, I told my story about a Delightful Drinking Date. A really fun first date that I was hoping would lead to a second. We talked every day and we made plans to hang out that weekend. So how in the hell did it 180 into a Tinder Tragedy?!

After that wonderful night of drinking, dancing and kissing, the DDD and I talked a few times a day. He’d text me in the morning and jokingly ridicule me about my inability to get to work on time — and my love for sleeping in. He’d text me halfway through the day and ask how my day was going.

Finally, on Wednesday, he sent me the text I’d been hoping for.

“So when do I get to see you again pretty lady?”

I wanted to see him too, and we decided the weekend would be the best time for a second date. I was pretty excited! That was it. Our Saturday night date was confirmed!

The next day, I remembered I had a party to attend on Saturday so I asked if he’d like to be my date (and my excuse to go home early). He jokingly agreed to let me use him.

Saturday rolled around and that evening, the DDD finally got in touch with me. He said he had plans for an hour then was free.

“What are you thinking,” he asked.
“Well, I have to at least stop by the party,” I told him.
“Ok, well I’ll let you know how I’m feeling after church.”

WTF? I thought we had plans — plans that we had made on Wednesday! I had a bad feeling about this and went on about my night before he confirmed what I thought might happen – he bailed.

“I’m just not feeling frisky tonight.”

THAT was his excuse. Is he a three-month-old kitten?

“Lets schedule a time that works better soon.”

I was a little angry so I put my phone away before responding. I knew what I had to do. This guy was stringing me along and not really making much of an effort to see me.

“I’m actually really busy in the next couple of weeks but it was really nice meeting you.”

I sent him that text without thinking twice and wished him good luck with life. I took the high road, paid attention to the red flags and bid this boy adieu! (and I’m actually kinda proud of myself!)

What do you think? Did I make the right decision?

Dame Dessa


(Photo Credit: Sergey Sus, Flickr)


4 thoughts on “The Delightful Drinking Date Pt. 2

  1. Hello! I just found your blog on twitter and really love it so thought I’d follow you. It’d be great if you followed me back on blogger and give me a tweet every now and then. I love to hear from my followers 🙂
    You totally made the right choice – he’s not worth your time!!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Much love xx

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