Tinder’s Worst Automated Icebreakers


Happy Tinder Tuesday! We’ve already brought you the worst icebreakers from actual humans but what about the icebreakers from Tinder? The dating app goes out of its way to make sure you have a message to send your new match after you both swipe right. Sometimes, the messages border creepy. Here is a collection of some of Tinder’s worst automated messages.

1. Tinder enjoys deflating your ego by calling you out. 

Thanks for the reminder, Tinder...

Thanks for the reminder…

2. Tinder accepts men way more quickly than I do. Raise your standards, Tinder! Raise your standards. 

...or is it?

…or is it?

3. Ultimately, Tinder is a game. Play the game.

This means I win, right?

This means I win, right?



Well, I guess I don't win.

So I don’t win. Thanks for the clarification, Tinder.

 4. Now you know what those pesky thumbs are really for… swiping.

So Tinder is for human...and monkeys.

So Tinder is for human…and monkeys.

5. Tinder knows it’s awkward so it lies to you and tries to help you feel a little better about your shallowness. 

Tinder is the new Starbucks.

Tinder is the new Starbucks.

6. They even make up statistics (kind of like Daniel Tosh) to make it seem “normal.”

So I'm normal then, right?

In a statistic I made up for this icebreaker…

7. …And then they immediately take away all credibility by reminding you the app is still a little creepy. 

So I shouldn't start out with something sexual?

8. …And that you could end up dating a long lost family member. 


Don’t forget to follow the Tinder Timeline and check out these guidelines for beginning your Tinder-ship. Happy Tinder-ing!

What are the creepiest Tinder icebreaker messages you’ve seen? Send us yours or comment below. 


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