10 Unconventional Date Ideas


The age old debate: It’s date night and you’re starting to make plans with your boo. “What do you want to do tonight?” “I don’t care. What do you want to do?” Thus begins the back and forth (which can get real old, real fast). After a while most of us just settle into the same routines going to the same restaurants or reverting to the classic dinner and a movie.

It’s time to break the mold! Branch out a little and challenge yourself — and your partner — to do something different. After all, isn’t it true that most great things happen outside of our comfort zone? The following are just a few unconventional ideas to mix your date nights up a little bit:

1. Find a local art gallery – most cities have art crawls on certain dates where you can meander from one gallery to the next. Most of the time you can meet the artists, discuss their works of art while sipping on a glass of wine or beer (some even have snacks & I’m a sucker for a good cheese tray).

2. Indoor rock climbing – for the more active couple, why not try an indoor rock climbing gym? These are widely available in most cities and are pretty affordable. Place a bet on who can reach the top with the quickest time and feel the rush when you reach the top. Loser pays for dinner – or spices things up in the bedroom.

3. Volunteer together – find a local volunteer organization, find a project that interests you both and spend a day giving back to the community. It truly is better to give than to receive and doing this activity together can definitely strengthen your bond.

4. Dance class – this one might take a little convincing for your male counter-part but what woman doesn’t want to learn how to swing, do the rumba, or learn the foxtrot? Okay, so maybe the foxtrot is a little dated but there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows what he’s doing on the dance floor. Lead the way ladies!

5. Find your farmer’s market – where I grew up they held a farmer’s market once or twice a month, maybe more depending on the season, where you could get the freshest fruits, vegetables, flowers, you name it, while also supporting local agriculture.

6. Take a cooking class – now that you’ve stocked up on local produce, take a cooking class together and be culinary masters for the night. Plus, who doesn’t love those cute chef hats?

7. Take a brewery tour – local breweries are popping up all over the place and most lead behind the scenes tours along with tastings of the beers they brew. Sounds like a man’s dream to me!

8. Watch airplanes take off – this one may seem a little more random and maybe it’s the romantic in me but I’ve always wanted to drive out close to an airport, lay on the hood of the car, and count the planes as they fly over head imagining where they were going.

9. Photograph docu-date – I’ve always thought it would be fun to document an entire date from beginning to end. It can be any kind of pictures, with you & your date actually being in the pics or not. Once you’ve taken all your pics you can download them to GrooveBook and you’ve got your very own picture book.

10. Hot air ballon ride – for the more daring at heart, take a hot air balloon ride! Float high above the ground with your sweetheart and take a break from reality. Gain a different perspective as everything seems more peaceful from a few thousand feet above the ground.

Have anymore unconventional dates to add? Send us your ideas at down2dateemail@gmail.com

Happy dating!

– Searching Stella


(Photo Credit: michael_swan, Flickr)


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