The Disney Flirt


A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter to the happiest place on earth! Yes, I’m talking about Disney World and I was immediately transported back to a magical land of princesses, fairy tales and childhood dreams.

Luckily, my mom was on the trip with us and the last night I got to go back into the park to roam around for a little while — by myself (mostly to regain some sanity lost from theĀ madness of the weekend). The place is overflowing with happiness and sometimes it was just a little too much.

Being on a family vacation the last thing I had on my mind was boys. Okay, that’s not completely true but I definitely wasn’t on the prowl (cause that would be creepy, right?). So there I am, minding my own business and people watching when I hear this guy come up behind me and say, “Please tell me you’re not at Disney World all by yourself?” Being the smart girl I am I said no, that I was meeting up with some friends that were in the park in just a few minutes. The Disney Flirt then proceeded to say, “Okay, because I was about to have to take things into my own hands and show you around!” Um, no thank you.

While I appreciate his Southern hospitality (can you still call it that in Florida?) I ended the conversation as swiftly as possible and parted ways with the Disney Flirt. Quite honestly, this seemed like the perfect beginning to a “Criminal Minds” episode.

So beware, ladies and gentleman, even on the seemingly most innocent of vacation spots there are people on the prowl. Stop the madness! Let me enjoy my Disney-happy-induced state while I still can!

Happy dating!

– Searching Stella


(Photo Credit: sugargliding, Flickr)


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