Best MTV Movie Award Winners For Date Night


The most fun movie awards aired last night (April 13) and the winners each took home their own tub of golden popcorn. We scoured the winners to make a list of the best MTV Movie Award Winners that would be perfect for a date.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The wild sci-fi ride that is “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is the perfect movie to cuddle up on the couch with your beau. It provides enough thrills to leave you jumpy and ready to cozy up! It won Movie of the Year, the biggest award at the MTV Movie Awards. If you want to get a little more creative for movie, check out this Dinner and a Movie idea from The Dating Divas and make a “Hunger Games” themed meal.


2. We’re the Millers

If you and your date both love to laugh (and lets be serious, who doesn’t?!) check out this hilarious Jennifer Anison/Jason Sudeikis flick about a pretend family that goes undercover to smug marijuana. Even if it doesn’t suit your sense of humor, both characters are easy on the eyes!

3. World War Z

Brad Pitt. Need we say more?


4. That Awkward Moment

Granted, this movie won for Best Shirtless Performance but that doesn’t take away from its comedic value. Zac Efron looks damn good, for all you ladies out there, and your men will definitely appreciate the laughs. The rom com shows the funny (and real) dating (and even stalking) moments.

5. Oz The Great and Powerful

Pop some popcorn and settle in on the sofa with your main squeeze to watch this homage to the classic “Wizard of Oz.” Mila Kunis took home the Best Villain award for her role as Theodora, Wicked Witch of the West during last night’s MTV Movie Awards. This movie is visually gorgeous and is a definite date night winner for old-school Oz fans!

Honorable Mention: The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie may be great for a long date night…depending on your level of decency. It’s crude, filled with drugs and nudity. If you can handle that and love a good Martin Scorsese film, this one is for you! The movie is based on a true story of stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It follows him from his prime to his demise through corruption and greed.


Did you see any of the winning movies from the MTV Movie Awards? Which were your favorites? Which would be best for date night?


(Photo Credit: Lionsgate)


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