How to Avoid Hot Bots on Tinder


Happy Tinder Tuesday! Today we’re focusing on how Tinder broadens your dating horizons in a number of ways. It opens up the opportunity for you to meet a plethora of fine women and men but it also allows you to potentially fall victim to scams (and we’re not talking sociopath scams).

Hot bots have weaseled their way into our beloved dating app and are busy messaging their “matches.” How do they do it? Well, first of all they make sure to use photos of stunning men and women. Who wouldn’t swipe right on a buff boy or a luscious lady?!

These profiles get you to swipe right so they can hook, line and sink you. Then the automated message — or messages — begin. According to CNet, some of these messages prompt you to download a game. Only after you download the game does the hot bot tell you you “can get a phone number.” In the U.S., the app Castle Clash is used to lure people in while British Tinder-ers tend to see supermarket coupons.


Nice try, Maddy!

There are also the porn bots! These profiles encourage you to click on their porn site or webcam. In fact…remember that Kik Kutie we wrote about recently? More than likely, the seemingly sweet southern girl is probably a webcam scam artist. Tinder users, beware! Men are much more likely to run into porn profiles but never say never, ladies.


Have you seen any hot bots or scam artists on Tinder? Send us your stories/pics to! And as always, happy dating!


2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Hot Bots on Tinder

  1. Sketchy! I’m very sad to say I have never once tried Tinder, because by the time it came out I was in a relationship (laame). I guess I’m glad to avoid these kind of scams…assuming there are male hot bots?

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