10 Tips for Friends With Benefits


Friends with Benefits are becoming more and more socially acceptable these days (maybe a special thanks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis?) and there are a plethora of reasons you may want to enlist a FWB (AKA a f*** buddy). Maybe you’re single and have too much on your plate to even think about a relationship. Maybe you’ve always been attracted to that one really gorgeous albeit stupid guy (or girl) or heck, maybe you’re just bored. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you keep your FWB relationship from getting too messy (we should know, we’ve tried them!). 

1. Go after someone that doesn’t have relationship potential. My long-term (over a year) Friend with Benefits is beautiful — so beautiful — but he has no possibilities in the boyfriend realm. He’s unemployed, drives a car that is always filled with fast food bags, sleeps until noon, has roommates (he’s in his early 30s) and has no desire to change either aspect of his life. He is not someone I would ever consider dating (even though he’s yummy) and thus, our relationship works perfectly. Go for someone who could never fill the boyfriend/girlfriend role and it’ll be easier to keep your feelings at bay.

2. Don’t pick someone who lives in your apartment complex. Close proximity is often a plus and after a night of boozing, seeing that your next-door-neighbor/FWB is home is quite convenient. But don’t think about the convenience. Think about seeing him going on a date — with another girl. Right under your nose. Think about her having a boy over for a sleepover. And you witnessing his walk of shame. These are all huge red flags. Go outside of your neighborhood to find your FWB and keep your neighbors as friends.

3. Know the relationship’s boundaries and make sure not to overstep them. Don’t try to convince yourself your FWB likes you or may want something more in the future — your relationship is purely physical. There’s always the possibility that one of you may get feelings involved, but going into it knowing that helps you keep your feelings in check. What if they confess their love for you? Cut ties and walk away.

4. Try new things! Were you too scared to try something sexually out of the box for you in your last relationship? Now is your chance. If you don’t have feelings for your FWB, your insecurities shouldn’t matter — so try all those dirty little things you wanted to before! It’ll be great practice for your next relationship.

5. Keep communication to a minimum. Don’t text her and ask her how her day was. Don’t text him and ask if he got that big promotion at work. Just don’t! Keep your communication to setting up playdates and rendezvousing.

6. Don’t send dirty pics! Save yourself the embarrassment, ladies and gentleman, and keep your nudies for possible relationships. You never know what could get leaked or what your FWB is showing his friends so just don’t do it! You can thank us later when your dick pic isn’t on the web.

7. Don’t introduce your FWB to your friends and family. This is NOT a relationship. I repeat: this is NOT a relationship. Who knows how long your FWB will last? Why take the time to introduce them to your friends and family — who may have a problem with you having a FWB in the first place.

8. You’re not required to hook up! Get a late night text from your FWB one night and aren’t interested in hooking up? Don’t feel obligated. It’s best to have this discussion up front — and let them know that if they’re not interested that night, no response is needed and vice versa.

9. No breakfast in bed! Don’t blur the lines by having him stay over for coffee and bacon. It’s not even necessary for them to stay the night, but if they do, make sure they’re out early enough in the morning for you to shower and get on with your normal life — no strings attached.

10. Be safe! Wear protection!! Use birth control!! Make them (and yourself) get tested. You can never be too safe and we consider this the most important of all the FWB rules!

Happy Dating!


(Photo Credit: ValetheKid, Flickr)


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