The Divorcee


So many dating profile bios will say “moving to —- in a few months, looking to meet people.” Joining one is an easy way to start feeling out potential matches in a new city. Sullivan tried this before his big move to Denver and found a Divorcee on a dating site.

When I first joined, it took me a really long time to get any matches I was actually interested in. But when I found the first one, I also found another match that I wanted to pursue further. Two interesting women in two days? Dating jackpot!

So I packed my bags and arrived in freezing cold Denver — ready to check out my two lovely ladies! I settled in and arranged two dates back-to-back for the weekend. What a first weekend it would be!

The first one was a little younger than me, a little plain Jane looking and worst of all — BORING. Our date was a complete snoozefest, it was like pulling teeth to get her to answer my questions with more than one word!

Saturday night rolled around and it was time for my date with a beautiful blonde. I was feeling a little down after such a terrible Friday night but picked her up on time. Of course she wasn’t ready. I spent 30 minutes waiting in her living room while she finished her hair. Not a great start. But when she was ready to go it was totally worth it…

She looked incredible! We went to dinner at a hip restaurant in town and I started to wonder how in the world this chick was single?! She was witty, beautiful, had a great body — and better yet, we had great rapport. So there we are eating our scallops and potatoes when she casually drops the word “husband.”


“Husband?” I say coughing on the seafood.
“Ex. Ex husand.”
“Those aren’t the same things, you know?”

Turns out my successful online date had just separated from her husband ONE WEEK AGO! Her five year marriage had ended. We’d been talking for over a month. That timeframe doesn’t quite add up.

I immediately asked for the check, paid the bill and told her it was time to go. I dropped her off and wished her well. There are way too many red flags especially when it comes to someone who is that newly separated. Give them a little time to grieve and if they’re still interested, then maybe consider pursuing it.

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(Photo Credit: Sergey Sus, Flickr)


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