The Sexy Sleepover


Let me start this post off with an apology to my readers. I’ve been secretly dating a Tinder Triumph and have yet to inform you all of his existence yet! I’m so quick to dump on my latest Tinder Tragedy or the pitfalls of single life that I feel I’ve been doing my readers a disservice by not mentioning this dream guy earlier. I believe subconsciously I’ve been keeping it to myself so I don’t jinx it – cause that would totally be my luck – but now I need your help! We’re about to have our first sexy sleepover and I’m a nervous wreck!

I met this cutie through the (what I now like to call) “traditional” dating avenue – aka Tinder – and we had been chatting for a week or so before I really started to pay attention to him. I know, I know, that sounds terrible but at this point I had almost given up hope on any Tinder successes because all I had experienced thus far had been disappointments! So I was chatting with a few guys at a time, not taking any of them seriously, when this guy asked me out for coffee. Let’s call him Sam. Sam and I exchanged numbers – I was strict to adhere to my Tinder Timeline – and we set up a time that upcoming weekend to have coffee. I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict so this is the perfect first date for me.

This is when things started to get interesting. We made plans to meet up Sunday but I got a phone call. Yes! An actual phone call! – saying that he was available Saturday night if we wanted to get together to ease the awkwardness of our first meet up on Sunday. A pre-date to break the ice? I was starting to dig this guy. Talk about considerate, right? I broke one of my cardinal rules and let this guy come over to my apartment for our first meeting. I know, I know. He could’ve been a serial killer! But he wasn’t. Fast forward to five dates later (in only four days!!!) and the feeling was mutual.

Now it’s been two weeks since our first meet up and we’ve talked every day since. Even when he was out of town for six days on business he made sure to text me when he could and call to say good night. I still can’t get over the fact that he actually calls me. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine that guys feel that texting is enough to suffice in the communication department. Call me old fashioned but I like the guy to call for certain things like setting up dates, calling to say good night (not every night, that would get old) but you hopefully you catch my drift.

Fast forward to this weekend. He asked me to come watch him play a show (musician alert!), meet some of his friends and crash at his place. Those are two big things there! The first: meeting his friends. I’ve got that one in the bag. I can literally talk to a brick wall if necessary and have a good time. I’m a people person and I make friends everywhere I go so no problem there. Now let’s talk about the sleep over. OH MY GOSH! This is a huge step! At least for me.

Now onto the issues. First of all, I’m having the worst allergy attack of all time that has resulted in watery eyes, a scratchy throat, and – worst of all – a rash that is covering my chest, neck, and shoulders. Let me be the first to say…

Ain’t nobody got time for that. How am I gonna get away with hiding this from him…FOR A WHOLE NIGHT? Aside from getting an entire skin transplant, does any one have an miracle products that could help with this???

Secondly, I’m gonna have to find a way to do the whole wake up before he does, put on makeup, brush my teeth and then casually lay back down and pretend I was asleep so I can achieve the whole “Sleeping Beauty waking from her beauty sleep” thing. I’m not a princess. I have no idea how I’m gonna pull this off.

Third, I don’t like to cuddle. Maybe I’m on the only girl on the planet that’s like this but I think it’s sweet to be snuggled up right before you fall asleep but when I actually get down to it I need space. I get hot and sweaty and feel like I’m being suffocated. It’s not pretty. How do I pull off getting a proper night’s sleep if he’s an all-over all-night cuddler?!

Fourth, I’M JUST PLAIN NERVOUS! This is the next step in what will hopefully be a long dating venture and I want to make sure it goes well.

Help me fellow bloggers! I need all the good vibes, awesome energy, and love you can send my way! And I’m serious about the skin product thing, too. Help a sister out!!!

-Searching Stella


(Photo Credit: The Lotus Carroll, Flickr)


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