Calling All Bloggers!


While Dame Dessa and I love spilling all the juicy details about all the past, present and future boys in our lives, we want to hear from you! Have a funny story about a date gone terribly wrong? We want to hear about it. Are you an expert in a certain area of dating and feel like enlightening our readers? We want that, too! Have you met your very own Prince Charming and want to gush about your first date? You guessed it, we want it! Even if you have dirty jokes that are hilarious enough to catch our attention, what want those too! Basically we want to hear from you. After all, we wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for you – yes, you!

Help us out. Help our readers out. Cause that’s what it’s all about anyways, right? Sharing knowledge so we don’t have to navigate these terrifying dating waters alone. Male or female, funny or not, gay or straight, short or long (that’s what she said) – WE WANT YOUR POSTS!

Give us the deets on what’s going on in your dating life. Send submissions to:

Happy Dating!


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