The One with Potential


Here ye, here ye… I am here to proudly announce that I have finally had my first Tinder triumph! Amidst all of the creepy messages, epically failed dates and filtering through all the main pics gone horribly wrong that my girlfriends and I have had to endure I may have finally found a seemingly normal guy on Tinder.

I’ve been chatting with this cutie for about a week-ish before I really got interested. We swapped numbers at the proper time – abiding by my own Tinder Timeline – and it was a few days after that when the first meet-up was suggested. I wasn’t able to grab coffee the first time he asked, which actually worked out in my favor (make ’em wait a little bit, right ladies?). I was pretty excited about our coffee date. He seemed like an actual normal guy. I was pleasantly surprised when he called the night before and asked if he could come over so we could get to know each other a little bit before our actual date. A cute guy putting in extra effort to make me feel comfortable? How could I say no?

By letting him meet me for the first time at my house I broke one of my own rules. I’m a little embarrassed to say that, but it turned out really well! He came over and we chatted it up for about two hours. The conversation flowed easily and he had me laughing within minutes. We had similar tastes in music, movies and hobbies. It was obvious we were vibing off each other.

When it was time for him to go I was definitely feeling a connection and was hoping for a little peck on the cheek (nothing too forward — we had just met after all). But I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me a hug, said he had a great time and was looking forward to coffee the following morning before he went on his way.

Needless to say, I went to bed with a smile on my face that night.

The next morning was great. We met at one of my favorite local coffee spots, had great conversation and there was absolutely no awkwardness as we had gotten rid of that the night before. It was probably one of the best first dates I’ve ever had. He made plans to see me the next day and right before we parted ways we had our first kiss.

Basically over the next two days we had lunch, dinner and coffee all before he left for a week on a work trip. He’s actually texted and called so far since he’s been gone. I’ve even received a cute Snapchat or two. I’m gonna keep all of the sappy, lovey-dovey crap out of this post since that’s one of my own biggest pet peeves (see my list of Dating Faux Pas).

Mostly I just wanted to share my first actual positive experience with a Tinder guy! There’s hope ladies and gentlemen. Even if this doesn’t go beyond those 4 days, it’s restored a little bit of my faith in humanity and dating. My Tinder Triumph will be back in a few days and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

To be continued…

Happy dating!

– Searching Stella


(Featured Photo Credit: simplismente-principe, Tumblr)


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