Top 10 Tinder Tips for Chicks


We’ve had list after list about photo cliches to avoid and Tinder Photo Dont’s for Dudes — well ladies, we’re here to help you now. One sweet male reader helped us hash out his Top 10 Tinder Tips for Chicks. So ladies, remember these 10 simple tips when you post your Tinder pics.

1. Super close-up photos of your face — I don’t need (nor do I want) to see every last pore on your face. And really…who only takes close-ups of their face?! Weirdos so I’m moving on…

2. Don’t put a photo of you and your fattest friend as your first picture — especially if I’m in a hurry, I’m just going to assume you’re the fat one and swipe left. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

3. Post a full body photo. I don’t want any surprises when we meet up, so please let me know what I’m getting into beforehand. It’s not a must but at least one full body shot would be nice to know if I’m comfortable talking to you.

4. Don’t post mostly group photos — and please don’t make them the first couple of photos. This isn’t Facebook, you aren’t tagged. I don’t want to flip through four photos to find out which girl you are so you just got swiped left.

5. Don’t post old photos! This is misleading and kind of catfishing and well…I’m not interested. Keep it within the last year.

6. Leave off the blurry photos. Should I really even have to mention this one?! It’s 2014 and we all have smartphones with pretty great cameras — use them!

7. Photos where you have severe red eye. Again, we all have iPhones (or something similar), use the red eye removal or photo editing software and take care of that s***. If you keep the red eye it either lets me know you don’t care or you are really just a plain idiot.

8. Pictures of just your little pup. It almost always foreshadows that you’re not a lady…but a dog.

9. Unflattering photos — not everyone is as photogenic as Dame Dessa (no really, he said that) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Post ones where you look like your beautiful self and not like a dog….or a catfish.

10. Show your interests in your photos. Like going to concerts? Post a photo of you enjoying yourself front row at Carrie Underwood. Are you a swimmer? Put a photo showing that talent up. We like to know what you’re good at and what you like so share those with us!


Happy Tinder-ing!


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