Spontaneous Date Idea


Dating season is now upon us (not that it ever actually went away but I personally go into some weird hibernation mode during the winter months where the only date I have involves my comforter and Netflix). Now that spring has sprung and the weather is warming up it’s time to get outdoors and show each other a little love. I’m personally getting a little over the typical coffee/dinner dates and wonder if there’s anyone out there spontaneous enough that’s been on – or will take me on – the following date idea.

Imagine this…one day you and your cutie are having the typical date night discussion, “Where do you want to go eat?” “I don’t care (when you really do care). Where do you want to go?” I may have just the answer to such a question! What if you pulled out a map, threw a dart at it and just went wherever it led you. No research, just directions. Literally let the road guide you on a romantic, quick getaway.

Who knows what awaits you in this town? Whether you’ve been to this city/town before or not, I challenge you to seek out a local (or resort to good ole Google) and get recommendations on where to go for the best grub, view and best romantic spot in town. Spontaneity can be cute and romantic when done right. If you’re in town to find the local spots or explore on your own I guarantee you and your love interest will have way more fun than going to the same restaurants or hangouts that are in your hometown.

Say the night turns into a weekend stay. Even better! Maybe you’ve found a new vacation spot but at the very least you’ve turned a potentially mundane date night routine into a night of excitement and adventure. What do you have to lose?

Have any experience with dates like this? Or have any other out-of-the-box date ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! Submit them to down2datemail@gmail.com


(Featured Photo Credit: Zach Ancell)


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