Getting Centered Before Your Date


I should start this off by saying I’m a huge yogi. I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and do it on a regular basis. The positive benefits are innumerable ranging all the way from physical, mental, spiritual to emotional stability. Does this sound anything like you while you’re getting ready for a date? Me neither. By doing a few basic yoga moves before getting ready you can center yourself, which can help relieve some of those pre-date nerves. 


You can meditate practically anywhere but the best place to do this is in a quiet, designated place that’s devoid of all distractions. Simply take a few minutes to sit in an upright, comfortable position with your palms facing upward. Take a few minutes and just sit. Let your mind wander and focus on your breathing — in and out through your nose. Picture your thoughts, stresses, worries floating in bubbles up, out and away from your head into the unknown.


Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

Yes, that is the actual name of the pose. This one is simple and is great for releasing tension in your lower back as well. Lay with your butt all the way pressed up to the wall, legs straight up and arms stretched out. This pose is said to relieve stress and keep your blood flowing to your heart. Extra bonus? This pose also has been said to slow the aging process. Win/win!


Childs Pose

This is one of the most restful and relaxing yoga poses of all. It helps to lengthen your spine while also allowing you to breathe deeply and focus on your breathing. Proper breathing is at the heart of every yoga practice as you move with each breath. This resting pose is a great way to center your thoughts on your middle eye – that space between your eyes but slightly upwards – and reflect on what your goal for the night is.

These are just a few, simple yoga poses that can help get you in the right frame of mind before that big date you’re (hopefully) excited about! Once you’ve done these poses I’d suggest showering to some mellow music, then blast those get ready tunes and do a little dancin’ around the room to loosen up while deciding between those stilettos or wedges.


– Searching Stella


(Photo Credit: Patrick Savalle)


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