Weekly Wrap-Up


We’re trying something new this week and we want your thoughts. We’re doing a weekly wrap-up of some things we are lovin’ at the moment! Check them out and let us know what you’re lovin’ on this week. 

BuzzFeed showed us this artist who took creeps on Tinder into her own hands. “This Artist Found An Amazing Way To Get Back At Men Who Objectify Her On Tinder” and boy is it great. Ladies, take notes for when you’re dealing with those creepsters on the dating app.

This pin reminded us that maybe loyal people are still around and it’s never a bad time to remember that. Pinterest is great for uplifting quotes and funny memes and this positive one was no different. Follow us on Pinterest while you’re at it and we’ll follow you back!

This CNET article titled “Why all men should have someone else do their online dating for them” which brings up some very interesting points. It’s hard for men to break through to women — we get a lot of messages and if they’re not witty enough or in proper English, we may not respond. Great read. Highly recommended.

Got Meghan‘s Lifestyle Blog! Not only is she fun to follow on Twitter but her blog is AWESOME! It’s also an added bonus that the chick has fabulous taste in music and has already contributed a ballin’ playlist for a Music Monday. Be sure to check her out and tell her Down 2 Date sent you.

Want to write a weekly wrap-up? Want us to include your blog or something you love? Send us an email at down2datemail@gmail.com

Happy dating!


(Featured Photo Credit: myfairytaleeverafter, Tumblr)


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