My Very First Date


Remember when you were in high school and went on your first real date? Your first date where you pick your girl up (or your man picks you up), you have no idea what to expect and first kiss anxiety is real. While trying to pinpoint where my love life has gone wrong, I went way back to my very first date in all its glory.

Lets go back to my geometry class sophomore year of high school (ok, I’d rather never go back there but it’s relevant to the story)…a sweet, charming (very handsome) football player had the assigned seat next to me all year long. We bonded over a hatred for math and the teacher’s hatred for us. After several weeks of after school detention in this classroom, we were fast friends.

I was new to this school and although I liked this guy for who he actually was, I knew it couldn’t hurt to date a football player in the grand scheme of things. The year ended and after two semesters of flirting and joking, he still hadn’t attempted to ask me out. Then, my summer birthday rolled around and of course, he was invited. It was there he finally made his move.

“Happy birthday Dame,” he said when we had an alone moment at my party. “I think you’re an incredible girl and although I’m a little scared to tell you this, I’d love to take you out sometime.”

Of course I said yes and we awkwardly flirted for the remainder of my party. The next weekend rolled around and it was time for our very first date. Mind you, I don’t have a driver’s license at this point, much less my own car. So Johnny Football set the bar high when he picked me up — and had flowers. My favorite flowers.

We were typical high schoolers in our town and went to the local movie theater for a flick — and maybe some hand holding. He was really trying to impress me so he got us tickets for a movie with my favorite actor, Leonardo Dicaprio.

“The Beach” was an interesting first date movie and it was hard to keep focused on Johnny Football with that perfect man on the big screen. But halfway through the movie, he reached for my hand. I remember those butterflies like it was yesterday.

The credits ended it and we both awkwardly got up, not knowing if we should share a kiss in the dimly lit theater or wait for my doorstep. He drove me home and we hardly spoke the whole way. It was both of our first dates and the nerves were obvious. I think even a stranger could spot the tension.

We pulled up next to my house and he walked me to my door. We stood on my front stoop having that awkward pre-kiss chat, pretending that we weren’t nervous when we both obviously were terrified. Finally, he leaned it for it. He got closer and closer…

“Dame! You’re home.”

My dad came to the door. Leave it to my dad to ruin the first date kiss of his only daughter. Luckily, Johnny Football and I are still friends and giggle about this to this day.

A second date never happened but I couldn’t ask for a better first experience with a guy. He was a gentleman, he was polite and he was easy to talk to. Later that summer, he went off to football camp and I started dating someone else but he’s been a lifelong friend and I’m forever grateful for him setting a high standard for all men to come.

Do you have a first date story? Take a trip down memory lane and send us yours to!

Dame Dessa

(Featured Photo Credit: Zuhair A. Al-Traifi, Flickr)


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