Top 10 Bad Tinder Bios


Oh, Tinder! We all know and love it (sometimes) but those of us over here at Down 2 Date are tired of seeing some cliché, silly Tinder bios. If it doesn’t really tell us much about you, leave it off. Most people seem to have missed that memo and we’re here to help! We’ve combined our brains — and asked for outsider’s opinions — to come up with a list of all the bad Tinder bios we see regularly.

1. “KCCO”

Really? Isn’t the “KCCO” fad over yet? What is this supposed to say about you? For now, just delete the four letter acronym that makes most of us cringe.

2. “I like music.”

While we like to hear about your love for music, tell us more! Are you a Pearl Jam fan like Searching Stella? A Nirvana fan like Dame Dessa? Describe your taste so we’ll know if we have something in common. Most music lovers love hearing about why you like what you like — so dish it out! It may start up your next best Tinder-ship.

3. “I have a job, a house and a car.”

So you want us to applaud the fact that you’re a 30-year-old adult?! Are you really proud of your new job? Tell us why! Did you just buy your dream car or house? Tell us that! Don’t just tell us that it took you 30 years to start paying your own bills (we may run if that’s the case!).

4. “Work hard, play hard.” 

While we love Wiz Khalifa, we’re not sure if you’re a rap fan or if you’re a pediatric nurse that puts in several 12 hour shifts a week and then parties on the weekend. It’s generic, silly and lets face it — the song was overplayed so much a couple of years ago that we were all sick of it in 2013.

5. “DTF”

We’ve had several male readers tell us they’re tired of seeing this in profiles but it does help to point out a hot bot pretty quickly. Be wary of the DTF comments, guys! Swipe left — and quickly.

6. “If you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

This is the No. 1 complaint we get from guys swiping left and right on Tinder. They are exhausted on this cliche Marilyn Monroe quote. Not only does it not really say anything about you but it also puts you into a hodgepodge of hundreds of other women with the same quote on Tinder. Delete it and put a lyric from your favorite song that’ll make you stand out. Then you’ll be more likely to get swiped right by a guy with the same music taste.

7. Snapchat names

Hoping for naked pics? Well, any classy lady on Tinder won’t be snapping you a photo of her two sweater puppies so stop asking! Wait until you start an actual conversation with someone to go asking for snaps. Simmer down, boys. If you’re trying to spot a catfish, put your Instagram name on your bio instead — that way we can see what you like and what you look like.

8. “My parents met on Tinder.”

Well, hardy har har. You are quite the comedian. You and every 10th person on Tinder with the exact same bad joke in their bio. Trying to show your funny side? Tell us an original joke (or steal one from Daniel Tosh), this way you’re at least bound to stand out in a crowd.

9. “I hate this app.”

Negative Nancy, why are you complaining about the app while using it? Need I even say more here? Quit with the attitude. Maybe that’s why you’re single in the first place. Embrace it! It’s the digital dating age, after all.

10. “Just ask…”

This is your bio? Just ask? Well obviously most (maybe that’s being generous) of us on Tinder have the ability to carry on a conversation — which includes those pesky getting to know you questions. You don’t need to ask us to ask you. If we want to know the answer, we’ll ask. Be patient!

The moral of the story is to be a little creative in your bio and let us know a little something about you to peak our interest. Change it up and you’re sure to get some more right swipes!


What are some of your least favorite things to see in Tinder bios? Leave us a comment and let us know. And as always, Happy Tinder-ing!


One thought on “Top 10 Bad Tinder Bios

  1. rasanchize

    where do I begin?!

    I’ve seen phone numbers, “we’ll say we met at a bar,” “Just trying to meet my tinderella,” “It’s goin down, I’m yellin tinder,” my favorite are just 5 or 6 emoticons that make no sense whatsoever

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