That Awkward Dating Moment


First dates are stressful especially after you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. That was me last winter and when I got asked out on a date by a sweet, handsome musician. He seemed like quite the catch so I decided to try out the whole dating game again. We made plans to watch an important football game at a local sports bar and I was beyond excited! Little did I know, I would have one of my most awkward moments on that first date.

The NOLA boy picked me up from my brother’s house and we set out to watch our team in the NFL Playoffs. We sat across from each other in a corner booth and talked football. Perfect date for a southern girl like myself!

We planned to eat but instead immediately started drinking. We each ordered beers but when the other team scored the first touchdown he asked if I wanted another drink — one he knew I was very fond of.

How could I say no? I’m weak in the arms of booze — and Fireball is one of my favorites. It would numb my pain of our team doing poorly and calm my nerves. Win! We took our shots and the conversation kept flowing. It started flowing so smoothly that we barely even watched the game.

Eventually, the booze caught up with me and I had to break the seal. I excused myself to go to the restroom — or at least I tried. That’s when everything went downhill.

Let me preface this awkward moment by telling you we were sitting in an elevated corner booth. We were at least a foot off the ground (it felt like five). Little ole me forgot this tidbit after a few of beers and a shot of Fireball.

Next thing I know, my ankle is twisting and I’m attempting to catch myself as I’m starting to fall to the ground. I probably could have mastered this (I have cat like reflexes) except for the fact that this particular sports bar places tables very close to booths. The table closest to us just so happened to have two older gentleman also watching football.

So picture this…me twisting my ankle and slowly falling off this elevated platform ONTO THESE TWO OLD MEN. Bad enough? Of course not. My reflex is obviously to grab onto something — it just so happened to be the man closest to me.

I grabbed his shirt tail and we both fell to the ground knocking his barstool over also.




The ENTIRE sports bar removed their eyes from the numerous TVs to see a tiny girl lying on the floor on top of an old man. It was pretty obvious to everyone that this was my fault and if it wasn’t, my fire engine red face gave it away.

I tried to pick up the barstool, help the man up and pick my dignity up off of the floor (I think I lost the majority of my dignity that evening). I stumbled to the bathroom running on adrenaline and embarrassed that this awesome guy had just seen me bust my ass and cause a huge scene — on our very first date.

We ended up sitting there watching as our team (thankfully) won before both needing to call it a night. I stood up and realized I couldn’t walk — my ankle was the size of a basketball. My poor date had to carry me from the sports bar…to the car…to my brother’s house. It was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. Needless to say, I didn’t get a first kiss but I was able to score a second date. Somehow.

Still remains a great story and the NOLA boy is still someone I can call a friend. Have you ever had an awkward dating moment? We want to hear about them! Email us at

Dame Dessa


(Featured Photo Credit: Sergey Sus, Flickr)


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