10 Stay at Home Date Ideas


Fancy restaurants starting to break the bank? Feel like there’s no new movies out? Tired of taking your lady for drinks at the same bars? Why not invite your honey over and spend a date night in? We’ve got 10 unique stay at home date ideas that will help impress your significant other while enjoying some quality time together.

1. At Home Concert

Are you a music lover like us here at D2D? Turn on your Apple TV and YouTube a live video of your favorite band. Turn the lights down low and you’ll feel like you’re front row at Foster the People’s show at Reading Festival. Enjoy!


2. Wine Tasting

Wine lovers, listen up! Go to your local liquor store and pick up a few bottles of wine. Don’t be afraid to buy some you’ve never tried before — isn’t that what a tasting is after all? Mix white and reds. Who cares?! It’s your party!

3. Movie Marathon

Pick out your favorite movie trilogy, pop some popcorn and cozy up on the couch for a movie marathon! If you’re looking to get extra close why not log onto Netflix and watch “Scream”? Looking to get some action? Check out The Bourne Triology instead. Happy cuddling!

4. Cook Something New

You know that cookbook that’s on your bookshelf collecting dust? Take it down, dust it off and crack that baby open. Find a new recipe for you and your girl to try. Don’t worry if it looks complicated, it’ll be fun regardless. And if worst comes to worst, call Papa John’s.

5. Theme Night

Always wanted to travel to Mexico? Pick up a Mexican feast from your favorite restaurant and pop in “The Mexican” with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. Serve up some margs and you’ll be feeling like you’re in Cozumel in no time. Adios! (Japan, France and Italian themed nights are also great ideas!)

6. Board Game Competition 

Feeling lucky? Challenge your beau to a board game competition. Set up Life, Monopoly, Scrabble and any of your other favorites. Loser cooks dinner for the next date!

7. Cocktail Night

Show off your bartending skills and get behind the bar to mix up some delicious drinks to enjoy with your boyfriend. Try these 10 cheap drink recipes to help inspire you!

8. Chocolate Tasting

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Stock up on some of the finer chocolates and decorate a serving dish full of them. Pair them with some dessert wines and you have yourself a fancy schmancy chocolate tasting!

9. Karaoke!

“Livin’ la vida loca!” Plug in your karaoke machine or download an app and get to singin’. It doesn’t matter how silly you sound when you’re with the one you love. Britney Spears tunes will have you and your boyfriend giggling like kids.

10. Finger Food Dinner

Finger foods can be fun and sexy when done right. Get a cheese platter with  some crackers and your favorite food. Make mini sandwiches or sliders. Don’t forget the mini brownies. But wait…there’s a catch. You have to feed your partner. Yum!

What are your favorite stay at home date nights? Tell us in the comment section below and as always — happy dating! 


(Featured Photo Credit: Daniel Go, Flickr)


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