Has Texting Ruined Dating?


I stumbled upon this hilarious clip of Aziz Ansari this morning while drinking my coffee. He shows how texting has had an adverse effect on dating, comparing it to being the secretary of a shady company. Aziz animatedly goes on to show the typical dating routine that has been – sadly – accepted by our generation.

At first I thought that was completely bogus. Who doesn’t love the convenience of discretely texting that cutie from Tinder during a meeting? But Aziz shows how impersonal “dating” has become because you don’t actually have conversations anymore. People make plans then change them only notifying you with a passive text. Where’s the respect?

What happened to the days when you used to wait anxiously (before caller ID) for your crush to call? Or the anticipation you felt when you were waiting for him or her to verbally ask you out? After watching the video I think Aziz is right…texting has ruined dating.

Aziz Ansari Thinks Texting Has Ruined Dating

What do you think? Do you agree? Give us your feedback! down2datemail@gmail.com

-Searching Stella


(Photo Cred: woohoo_megoo, Flickr)


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