The Upbeat First Date


For the past year or so I had voluntarily taken myself off the dating market. After multiple attempts at first dates I was at a standstill. For one reason or another they just weren’t working out. I was in a different country for most of that year and had managed to keep myself busy with work, friends and me time – who doesn’t need that? Needless to say dating wasn’t at the top of my priority list.

The last date I went on was a total fail. The guy ended up being a complete freak who – despite his good looks – became increasingly more obnoxious by the minute. He would drone on and on about nothing in-particular to the point where I felt like I was back in college sitting in a lecture class – boring! Things only continued to get worse.

When I got up to get a refill on my coffee I came back to the table to see him trying to guess the passcode for my phone. RED FLAG! He tried to laugh it off saying my phone was “too clean” and he couldn’t even see the fingerprints to guess the numbers to unlock it. No, just… no. At this point all I could do was figure out a way to get out of there – family emergency, work, climb out the bathroom window and make a run for it? All seemed like viable options. All I wanted to do was get out!

So here I am a year later and have just begun my Tinder escapades. Recently my friend grabbed my phone and started Tindering away. That’s how I met Josh. We started chatting it up pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before we were texting. We texted for a little while and then before I knew it we had set up a date. Was I completely ready for this? No. Not at all. Especially after my last dating experience I wasn’t eager to add another dating fail to my ever-growing list.

Our date started off with a bang – once we finally figured out where the other was. Josh was kind and quite the gentleman from the get go. While standing outside deciding what to do he simply looked at me and said, “You look really pretty, by the way.” Talk about a sweetheart! It didn’t hurt that this was the first time – yes I just said first – anyone had told me that on a first date. Instant points. I had put on a dress – which I don’t do very often – but still his compliment had me beaming. After walking around for a bit we decided that the bar scene wasn’t right for us so we settled in at a nice restaurant for some drinks.

There were hardly any awkward silences during our meal. We stumbled upon one or two but quickly recovered. I discovered that Josh was very low-key which went well with my easy going nature. He divulged that he wasn’t into the typical girly girl – what a huge relief to me – and was comforted by the fact that despite my nice dress, hair and make up I was easy going and low-maintenance, too.

The conversation flowed freely as we covered topics ranging from politics to literature and work. We even delved into a deep conversation about family but in a very nonchalant way. Everything was going great! He seemed relieved when I waved my hand at his non-elegant eating as he dipped his sandwich is his au jus sauce.

After dinner he walked me to my car and gave me a long, warm hug saying that he had a nice night and suggested we should do it again sometime. There was a follow up with hope for a second meeting. Now all that is left is deciding on a time.

Was I completely swept off my feet? No. Did I have a great time with the promise of more greatness to come? Absolutely.Thank you for the break, dating Gods. Thank. You.

– Lyric



5 thoughts on “The Upbeat First Date

  1. Riley

    Josh sounds like such a gentlemen. Go Tinder! I can’t believe the guy before tried to get into your phone though! Outrageous!

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