15 Things Every Girl Should Do Before They’re Married


I had some really long, lengthy post written up for this afternoon on some philosophical angle about dating but instead I’m going to link to a post from Hello Giggles. The article lists 15 things every girl should do before you let a guy put a ring on it. It resonated so loudly with me that I had to share! Have a read and tell me what you think! 

15 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Getting Married

While I can proudly say I’ve done at least a third of this list I hope to accomplish a few more this year! If you’re anything like me – unattached, living the mundane 9-5 job life – we need a break from the monotony.

Why not plan a trip with your girlfriends to a place you’ve never been? Donate some of your time – yes, get off your couch/Tinder/Facebook – to a local charity. Recently I took my daughter to go walk the puppies at our local adoption center and it was the best Saturday afternoon we’ve had in a long time. Plus with summer right around the corner who needs an extra excuse to get outside?

Sidenote: I need to pay extra attention to number 10.

What did you think about this list? Would you add anything to it? Tell us your ideas! Make a Single Lady Bucket List of your own. down2datemail@gmail.com

Love always,

Down 2 Date


(Photo Cred: hjhipster, Flickr)


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