Can You Remain Friends with your Ex?


It’s a topic most of us have approached at one point or another in our lives. The age old, “We can still be friends” is one of the most dreaded break-up lines I remember hearing and saying – mostly in college – when I didn’t want to say what was really on my mind. It’s the ultimate break-up cop out. You’re trying to let them down easy so you can walk away guilt free. Or even worse, you’re the one it’s being said to and you know they’re full of crap. Either way staying friends with an ex is tricky business. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see whether it’s really feasible or not. Continue reading


15 Things Every Girl Should Do Before They’re Married


I had some really long, lengthy post written up for this afternoon on some philosophical angle about dating but instead I’m going to link to a post from Hello Giggles. The article lists 15 things every girl should do before you let a guy put a ring on it. It resonated so loudly with me that I had to share! Have a read and tell me what you think!  Continue reading

10 Stay at Home Date Ideas


Fancy restaurants starting to break the bank? Feel like there’s no new movies out? Tired of taking your lady for drinks at the same bars? Why not invite your honey over and spend a date night in? We’ve got 10 unique stay at home date ideas that will help impress your significant other while enjoying some quality time together.

Continue reading

Dating After Divorce


I’ve accomplished many things in my (short) adulthood and divorce is one of those things on that list. For the anonymity of everyone involved let’s call him Todd. The long and the short of it is this, Todd and I were young, stupid and in lust. Not love — lust. I was a single mom looking to make a family and he was an addict looking for someone to take care of him. The relationship was doomed from the very beginning. I’ll skip the gory details and launch into the waters I’m surfing now…dating after divorce.  Continue reading

Help! My Friends Hate My Boyfriend


We recently got an email from a reader who was asking for advice. We want to preface this by saying we don’t have all the answers, we’re learning just like you! This poor girl was worried because she says all of her friends loathe her boyfriend — that’s right all of them, not one or two. What do you do in this situation? Lose your friends? Lose the significant other? We dive head first into this tricky topic.  Continue reading

Songs to Get You Pumped for Date Night


Dating is nerve-wracking. Lots of thoughts go into every little detail of date night — from your outfit to your dinner choice to what shoes you’ll put on. Now that I’ve jumped head first into the online dating pool, first dates are happening more and more often and calming my nerves before a date is pretty important. When I don’t have time to check out Searching Stella’s pre-date yoga moves, I put on a playlist that pumps me up while prepping for the evening. Hope they get you amped up for date night, too! Continue reading

Getting Centered Before Your Date


I should start this off by saying I’m a huge yogi. I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and do it on a regular basis. The positive benefits are innumerable ranging all the way from physical, mental, spiritual to emotional stability. Does this sound anything like you while you’re getting ready for a date? Me neither. By doing a few basic yoga moves before getting ready you can center yourself, which can help relieve some of those pre-date nerves.  Continue reading