The Dating Game


I’m going to get real honest with this post. There’s something that’s really been bothering me and I need to get it off my chest. I haven’t been having the best luck lately with Tinder and OKCupid – or as Dame Dessa and I call it OKStupid – and it’s left me feeling a little discouraged. There have been days that have gone by with only a match or two when my finger feels cramped from swiping left and right repetitively. It’s led me to a retrospective place about the whole dating game in general. And that’s when it hit me. Dating really is just that – a game. Continue reading


The OkCupid Catfish


In this whole online dating debacle, I’ve learned one thing more so than anything else: go into every date with an open mind. After growing a little bored of Tinder and swiping through all the guys on Tryst, I downloaded OkCupid. The app is less than user-friendly and so I soon started diving into my ‘Quick Matches.’ One star here, two stars there — most of the guys in my area aren’t attractive – at all. Finally, I settled upon one that had great hair, perfect teeth and looked like an all-around fun guy in his photos. I gave him three stars. Finally!  Continue reading