4 Reasons to Open Up About Your Feelings


I’m a complete wuss, I’ll be totally honest. Somewhere along life’s path, I became terrified to tell people how I truly feel. I’m scared of hurting others, I’m scared of not being accepted and most of all – I’m scared of hurting myself. Well, I’ve had a realization and I’m making this my 2014 resolution (a little late I know), I’m vowing to be more honest about my feelings with everyone. Here are some reasons why you, too, should open up about how you feel.

1. You just keep getting older.

We’re not digressing in age people…so be honest about what makes you happy now. Stop procrastinating and tell the girl at work how you feel. Message that cute guy on Tinder first and tell him you’d like to grab coffee. Tell your boss you’re not happy with your new assignment. You’ll feel a lot better after you’re honest!

2. The feelings might not be mutual.

This is the sucky realization but your OkCupid cutie may only see you as a friend. He may not want to take your relationship to the next level. It’s better to find out now than to wait and waste even more of your time. And if you get news you weren’t ready for, call up a friend and enjoy a night out! You deserve it.

3. You’ll gain respect for your honesty.

Even if you tell your boss you aren’t entirely happy about what your promotion entails, they’ll respect you for being honest. And maybe they’ll even work to find ways you could be happier at your job. If you’re breaking up with your new beau, they’ll be glad you did it now rather than later (even if it hurts).

4. What do you have to lose?

Are you worried about opening up to your girlfriend just to have her break up with you? Then she was probably going to do it anyway. You won’t lose your family, you won’t lose any true friends and you probably won’t lose your job.

Take the 2014 Challenge of opening up about you feel with me. Leave your comments below if you try it out! Or tweet us and let us know how honesty is working out for you! Happy Dating! 🙂

Dame Dessa


(Photo Credit: Alessandra Celauro, Flickr)


6 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Open Up About Your Feelings

  1. Love this post! Really, what do we have to lose? I think my problem is I try to put on this persona of “strong”- a girl who can’t and won’t be hurt. But expressing your true feelings can be so beneficial, if not, completely relieving! Great blog! Care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

    • You’re so right MissMaddie95! What do we really have to lose when expressing how we really feel? We could lose a guy who doesn’t really care about our feelings in the first place, which is more of a win for us & a loss for them. And wouldn’t you want to know if the feelings aren’t mutual earlier on in the relationship instead of after you’ve invested all of this time on this person? I’m totally with you. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hannah

    I could have written this myself! That is absolutely what I do and I’m getting tired of doing so. Time for a change, I think! I am with you on this new resolution!

    • I look forward to hearing out how it works for ya. I went the extra mile and took the first step to tell him I had a great time. It worked! Second date here I come!!!!

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