The Grinding Guy


After I got my heart broken one too many times, I decided to join good ole Tinder. After days and weeks of swiping, I finally started chatting with a very handsome guy who just so happened to be from my hometown. Since we were miles and miles away from there, it was a nice change and made me feel at home. So when he asked if we could meet up that weekend, it was hard to say no. Continue reading


Another One Bites the Dust


This is what happens when you don’t listen to your friends people…take it from me! Dame Dessa had it all spelled out in Five Terrible Tinder Cliches to Avoid but did I listen when Mr. Ab-licious asked me out? Nooooooo. That would be too easy. It wasn’t enough that his profile clearly stated he was a workout-maniac, much unlike myself, but he proceeded to send me ab and nearly naked self photos on the days leading up to our big date. Did I pay attention to any of those red flags? Of course not.  Continue reading

That Awkward Dating Moment


First dates are stressful especially after you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. That was me last winter and when I got asked out on a date by a sweet, handsome musician. He seemed like quite the catch so I decided to try out the whole dating game again. We made plans to watch an important football game at a local sports bar and I was beyond excited! Little did I know, I would have one of my most awkward moments on that first date.

Continue reading

The (Semi) Return of The Dating Antichrist


I have The Bert Show to thank for this update on my Dating Antichrist story which was my inspiration to start this blog with Dame Dessa. It’s been almost three months now since my D.A. and I broke up and for the most part things have been going well. For some reason lately things have been tough. I’ve re-entered the dating world with little success (see here or here for some examples) but have been putting myself out there nonetheless. Two months, no problems. So why am I now getting all sentimental about an unfulfilling, dead-end relationship that I was miserable in?  Continue reading

The OkCupid Catfish


In this whole online dating debacle, I’ve learned one thing more so than anything else: go into every date with an open mind. After growing a little bored of Tinder and swiping through all the guys on Tryst, I downloaded OkCupid. The app is less than user-friendly and so I soon started diving into my ‘Quick Matches.’ One star here, two stars there — most of the guys in my area aren’t attractive – at all. Finally, I settled upon one that had great hair, perfect teeth and looked like an all-around fun guy in his photos. I gave him three stars. Finally!  Continue reading